Your Secret Weapon for Pain-Free Muscle Growth

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Your Secret Weapon for Pain-Free Muscle Growth

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You might look like a beast grinding through heavy weight, but you’re not doing yourself many favors in the hypertrophy department. Pushing top-end weight with sub-optimal form may help you increase strength, but it won’t maximize muscle growth.

Performing a one-rep max has little benefit for hypertrophy because form and focus go out the window. As a result, you create little tension in the working muscle. But your body doesn’t know how much weight you’re lifting. All it knows is the amount of tension it feels.

The cool part is you can make a 30lb weight feel like 60lb if you execute a lift properly. By focusing on tension, you’ll not only decrease your chance of injury, but you’ll also unlock the door to a beastly physique.

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Posted by Luke Briggs Fitness on Thursday, November 12, 2015


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