Luke Briggs is among some of the top rising stars in the fitness industry. Fueled by integrity and perseverance, Luke brings something truly special to his clients and readers that is as authentic as anything that I’ve come across in my years as a coach and practitioner. If you want top notch coaching and knowledge while also getting a first class personal experience from a coach, Luke is your man.

Dr. John Rusin, Owner – John Rusin Fitness Systems


When it comes to choosing a trainer or coach, you want someone who is a student of their craft. Luke’s dedication to continuously accumulate more knowledge has taken him from college weight room junkie to elite strength coach. With Luke, you can count on receiving the most advanced, scientifically sound training and nutrition guidance, something that is very rare in today’s fitness industry.”

Ian Padron, Padron Performance


“Working with Luke has been a great experience. Prior to working with Luke, I’d always struggled with my weight going up and down and I never was able to get down to my target weight. After I started working with Luke, I immediately saw that his program and approach was different. I didn’t have to go “all in” right out of the gate and I didn’t feel like I had to deprive myself. For the first time I felt like I was in control of my calorie intake and calorie burning.

In the past, I felt like I had to eat salads all the time, avoid carbs and never ever eat something that is “bad for me.”

Luke’s program is different from others in that it teaches you a lifestyle centered on choices and awareness, not a diet. He combines strength training and healthy eating habits that are sustainable.

Putting in place, slowly but surely, the principles Luke’s teaching me, I’ve lost about 17, 18 pounds.

I would recommend people to contact Luke if they have tried diets or workout routines that either weren’t sustainable because it was too intense (both exercise and what you could eat) or if it simply felt like you were depriving yourself of enjoying food.”

Paul S.


“Before working with Luke, I didn’t have much of a direction with my workouts. I would go to the gym, but would really have an end goal in mind. My technique wasn’t great and nutrition wasn’t something I focused on. After working with Luke, I finally have a much more defined goal, and have made progress on my technique, and focus much more on what I’m eating. Luke’s program has been different than other programs I’ve tried because it adds a personal aspect. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend as a coach for others that I know”

Ashish M.


“Working with Luke, I got an easy-to-follow workout routine that delivered the results I wanted to see. I feel stronger, have more energy and my clothes fit better.”

-Whitney C.



“To be frank, I felt like I was losing control of the tire around my waist. I didn’t have a lot of motivation or energy to get myself into the gym and overall, I didn’t feel good about the way I looked. I really wanted to make a change.

With Luke, I learned not just how to work out, but I think I was able to learn a different kind of lifestyle and what it takes to have the body and energy you’re looking for.

I went from a 36″ to a 30” waist. I gained a couple of inches on my chest, and I gained an inch or two on my biceps.

What he did for me wasn’t just coaching me on training, but coaching me on lifestyle.

I personally would recommend Luke to anyone. He is a great person and a great human being in general.”

Sunny H.


“I had been doing pretty steady workouts, and I was getting to the point where I didn’t see a whole lot of results.

I reached out to Luke, and we were able to set up a plan that was a little different compared to the stuff you read online.

In just about two months working with Luke, I’ve seen way more results than I’ve ever really seen doing things on my own.

I would definitely recommend coach Luke for anyone who’s looking to take their training regimen to the next level.”

Joey B.


“When I signed up to work with Luke, my fitness and body composition had suffered from several months of life getting in the way. For years, I’ve been weight-training and competing in powerlifting, but with a move across the country, new job, new baby and a jostling of everything, I had lost a lot of hard-earned progress in about a half a year.

After working with Luke, I was able to get the fire back, gained strength, lost bloat and fat and was able to get back on course. This was all in a matter of a little over a month.”

Luke made sure to take a level and slow starting approach, whereas other programs I’ve done were high-powered right out of the gate. I would suggest that anybody who is looking to make a change, start a new journey into fitness or needs another level to get prepared should call Luke. He is always learning in this field and bringing tested experience to each program he creates for people.”

-Michael S.

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