The Simple Solution for Skinny Hard Gainers

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The Simple Solution for Skinny Hard Gainers


The skinny struggle is real.

In every weight room across America, you’ll see guys who have been coming to the gym day-in and day-out and still look like the same wiry-framed individuals they were a year earlier.

They read all the muscle magazines and take every mass gain supplement known to man yet can’t buy a pound of muscle.

On the other hand, you’ve got dudes who can simply touch a weight and grow. Heck, they can even miss a couple of weeks here and there and still get yoked.

Not fair, right? Then again, life’s not fair.

If you’re scrawny, you can easily put on size. You’ve just got to work a little harder than others.

Let’s discuss common pitfalls with your current training and nutrition (yes, I said nutrition) regimen and what changes you need to make to get that muscular frame you’ve always craved.

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