Smarter Science for Swol-Tastic Muscle Growth

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Smarter Science for Swol-Tastic Muscle Growth


Enough with this “hardgainer” mentality people. There is a reason why the vast majority of people, both male and female, have a damn hard time putting on lean muscle mass and taking their bodies to the next level, and sometimes end up flabby and soft in the process.

Hypertrophy isn’t achieved through random acts of strength training alone as most assume. The mechanism of hypertrophy is actually one of the more complicated muscle adaptions in all of sport and fitness.  This week we have Luke Briggs back on JRx dispelling muscle building myths, and laying down what exact variables need to be addressed to pack on a little muscle armor.

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SMARTER SCIENCE FOR SWOL-TASTIC MUSCLE GROWTHWant to know how many days per week you should train and how many sets…

Posted by Luke Briggs Fitness on Thursday, September 3, 2015


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