Five Female Fitness Myths Debunked By Science

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Five Female Fitness Myths Debunked By Science


Step aside, guys! It’s time to share the squat rack. We are currently living in the new age of fitness. As men, you are no longer the only gender passionately pumping iron with goals of chiseling a strong physique that will turn a few heads while tossing around a few plates.

While men have traditionally dominated the global strength scene, the change is becoming blatantly clear; women are lifting, training and dominating the iron game more than every before. And no, it’s not just about toning up the muscles with pink dumbbells and yoga!

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Should women lift heavy or lift light weights for high reps? Will protein make women bulky?In my guest post for Dr. John Rusin, I answer questions like these in detail.

Posted by Luke Briggs Fitness on Tuesday, August 18, 2015


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